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Calebo Chengdu Decoration Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2019, mainly engaged in: decorative materials, building materials, sanitary ware, hardware products, furniture, household appliances, fire fighting equipment; business information consultation; building decoration and decoration enginee...



Committed to four hot areas, you only need to consider business, please give us

Sanitary ceramics

Toilet, squat toilet, joint toilet, split toilet, urinal Basin

Hardware accessories

Shower column and shower screen, head shower, hand shower, shower accessories, table and basin faucets, faucet accessories

Bathroom furniture

Table basin, bathroom furniture, mirror cabinet/mirror series

Pendant accessories

Hardware accessories


Corporate image display window, the stage of energy accumulation, talented team and partners hand in hand and win-win, the birthplace of value creation

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17 Years of Industry Experience

17 Years of Industry Experience Established in 2001, Chengdu Cablet is the earliest leading enterprise specializing in office environment planning in China...


The Choice of the Top 500 in the World

The Choice of the Top 500 in the World Most of our customers come from the top 500 companies in the world, so that the original excellent enterprises are now more excellent...


Bringing together the first-class design team in China

Bringing together the first-class design team in China Our team is all from famous design schools at home and abroad. Registered designers account for more than 80% of the total design team...


The budget is accurate and reasonable

The budget is accurate and reasonable The budget is accurate, the error is less than 10%. Partners are domestic first-line brand suppliers, and we have reached long-term strategic cooperation....


National Quality Acceptance Standard

National Quality Acceptance Standard Strict management in accordance with ISO 9001-2008 quality standards, strict selection of national GB50210 environmental protection standard materials to ensure quality stability and meet environmental protection requirements...


Engineering Complementary Integration

Engineering Complementary Integration Integrative supporting systems for construction, fire protection, weak current system, air conditioning system, furniture system, entrance guard attendance, monitoring system, program-controlled telephone, group video conference system, etc...


24-hour Fast Service Response

24-hour Fast Service Response Our customer service is 24 hours online to help you, promptly respond to questions and answers. Two-year warranty and life-long maintenance of the project, and 24-hour rapid solution of hydropower problems...


Digital Scientific Management

Digital Scientific Management Create an original "full table, digital" management model, quantify each standard. Site on-line display system, keep control of the site at any time, save time, labor and worry...


Free renovation for 3 years after completion

Free renovation for 3 years after completion The renovation service is very characteristic and human in three years. As long as you become our customer, you will enjoy the renovation service of wall (latex paint) free of material fee in three years after the completion of the project...


One-stop plan for environmental preservation

One-stop plan for environmental preservation Our first-class partners in the industry have carefully prepared a series of follow-up services for you, such as daily cleaning of office environment, maintenance of green plants, etc., to keep your office environment fresh....


Win-win Customer Friendship Exchange

Win-win Customer Friendship Exchange Face-to-face exchanges with domestic front-line brand talents, expanding contacts, exchanging ideas, flying with dreams...


Platinum Members Enjoy Big Gift Bags

Platinum Members Enjoy Big Gift Bags Platinum members can obtain information and services in modern management consulting, brand planning, marketing planning, business training, etc. to comprehensively enhance the brand value of customers and help your enterprises fight against the storm and march toward brilliance!

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